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Welcome to The Quill & Well Newsletter. The Quill & Well was developed and written by Beth Merryfield of Primitiques, Ltd. and Stephanie Monahan of Samplers Country Collectibles, LLC & Monahan Papers. We developed this newsletter as a result of a void in marketing for handcrafted goodes by American artisans within the field of American Country. Feeling frustrated that American artisans are rarely recognized on a far-reaching plane, we felt compelled to design a vehicle to introduce American artists to the buyers of our marketplace.  Hence, the birth of our newsletter, The Quill & Well.


It is our hope that The Quill & Well Newsletter will become a useful tool and offer you a plethora of useful information, interesting tidbits, and profiles of American folk artists and, ultimately, spark much creativity.


Our goal is to introduce you to a variety of artisans and explore their aptitude for imagination and origins of inspiration.  We hope to bring forward an array of gifted artisans and explore their crafts to ultimately portray a widespread sampling of what these talented folks in America have to offer. In doing so, it is our hope that introducing American crafts people to you will offer you ideas and spark inspiration for how you can feature your favorite artists in your shop.


It seems that a great advantage that smaller country shops have over larger “chain” stores is the development of personal relationships with the customer. As such, we strongly believe that The Quill & Well Newsletter can serve as a powerful marketing tool. For instance, if you print out your favorite artists’ profiles, you can display the article with their items in your shop. As a result, your customers will develop a personal attachment to the artist and his/her product and therefore, be more likely to purchase the item. You will learn about many artists from whom you buy and can, in turn, educate your customers on the artisan and his/her products.


In addition to profiling America’s diverse talent, we will also highlight various stores and shop owners who support made-in-America and predominantly sell only handmade items. In our experience as artists and designers, shop owners, like you, have a great deal of talent for inspiring customers with decorating ideas. As a result, we would like to include in our newsletter profiles of shop owners and feature how to spark creativity in customers with unique displays featuring artisans from across America.


Our intention is to acquaint you with American artisans so that you can introduce their works to your customers in your shops.  We also hope that our interviews of shop owners and artisans alike will afford you with useful information on how to grow your business, answer questions that pertain to our trade and, overall, creates a common thread that ties our unique artisan community together.




In our newsletter, we will provide useful information regarding Trade Show schedules and offer tips for trade show attendance (both as an exhibitor and a buyer).



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