Black Crow Candle Co.- Shirley Franzoni & Kent Janssen

by admins on April 16, 2009

Artists Name: Shirley Franzoni & Kent Janssen
Company Name: Black Crow Candle Co.
Address: 74 N. Main St  Canton, IL. 61520
Telephone: 309-647-1400


Have you ever chosen a candle because it matched the color of your room?  My favorite summer scent is Lilac but my decor is very primitive, so I don’t want a purple candle in the middle of my table!  All the candles made By Black Crow look alike…so you won’t feel the need to hide your candles in a primitive container! Black Crow Candles are all hand poured in the USA!

At Black Crow, we use only the finest quality waxes, blended with just the right ingredients to give you one of the most highly fragrant candles around! We Drench All Of our Candles With The Maximum Amount Of Fragrance, so That You Will Enjoy The Delightful Aroma From The First Light To The Last!!! Our focus is fragrance, burn time, color, and primitive style. We believe that our candles are truly in a class of their own.


Our handmade candles are one of the best fundraiser products, and here’s why: Many times the products that customers receive are smaller than shown or not worth the price. Your fundraiser will totally stand out among the rest so… offer your group something they’ll be proud to sell to their family and friends, and once they’ve burn’t our candles, they’ll ask for them again, were sure of it!! Choose 12 of your favorite scents and We’ll provide you with your own customized selling sheets.

Our candles are long lasting, slow burning, and scented to the very bottom, creating one of the best candles on the market today. Each candle is hand rolled, coated and labeled resulting in a very primitive and distinctive look. You will not only love the primitive look our candles bring to your home, but the scent will fill your home with their unbelievable fragrances!

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