Pickles for Thought

by admins on January 13, 2009

This section is a dialogue amongst artisans and retailers in our trade community. We encourage you to write your opinions of how you would handle/address the dilemmas faced within our community.  We hope to spark much thought, debate and ultimately, resolution.  We believe there is no “right” or “wrong” anwer and, in fact, believe ther are many ways to approach these pickles/dilemmas. Please feel free to keep anonymity. If you are presenting a pickle for discussion, please leave out all identifying information if it is a fact-based pickle.

Here is the first hypothetical pickle up for discussion:

1. Protecting Territories:

A vendor’s policy on “protecting territories” is they do not accept orders from companies within 30-45 miles of their distributors.  This particular vendor was approached by his/her retailer (customer of this vendor’s for about one year) because the shop owner was concerned about a vendor selling to a shop 55 miles away from him/her and requested action be taken.  The vendor participates in wholesale trade shows (Cash/Carry shows) as well as order writing shows.  The shop owner (who is upset) made purchases that comprised of a hefty 15-20% of the vendor’s sales for that year.  The shop who is in question (the one 55 miles away) has been purchasing from the vendor for three years. 

What other information would you need to make a decision?  What are the issues at play here?  What do you do (as a vendor)? What would you expect as a retailer?  What are the risks?


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