Fowl Images- Eric N. Fausnacht

by admins on December 30, 2008

Company/Artisan Name:  Fowl Images/ Eric N. Fausnacht

Address:  603 Haycock Run Rd. Kintnersville, PA 18930

Phone: 215-704-5219





Q&W: We are honored to introduce our readers to Eric Fausnacht, a wonderfully talented acrylic artist. Please enjoy learning about Eric and his Fowl Images.


Eric Fausnacht’s acrylic and oil paintings explore the realms of texture, color and strength in the portraiture domestic fowl. His recent paintings of roosters and chickens show a photo realistic style brought together with an ornate baroque background to illuminate the regal portraiture of the subject matter. His work is in private collections throughout the United States and Europe and has sold in art auctions for several charitable institutions.


Born in 1969 in Pennsylvania, he received a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1992. He has continued his education at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. During this time he began an interest in
the study of the strength and textures of birds, especially domestic fowl.


I create acrylic paintings of domestic fowl currently concentrating on roosters, hens, and chicks.  Most of my paintings are 30×36” and done on canvas.  I have recently begun making smaller canvas paintings and small 3×5” paintings on paper.  My paintings are photo-realistic images some with a plain background, some with an ornate and/or checked background.  I have also recently begun making plaster roosters/hens/chicks using antique chocolate molds.  I have been painting professionally for three years and have shown in galleries in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Seattle, Washington, and throughout Pennsylvania.


I believe in sticking with one subject matter and exploring it in depth.  My entire collection of art and accessories consists of domestic fowl.  I think it works best for me to be known as “the rooster guy”.  You know what you are getting when to walk in to my booth.


I currently sell retail in about 25 juried art and craft show throughout PA, NJ, and NY.  I’m looking forward to my first wholesale show in 2009 and hope to continue in that vein.  I do sell on consignment in 5 retail shops and show in 4 art galleries.   I’m hoping to sell more in the wholesale market and art galleries and do fewer juried art and craft shows.


I’m looking forward to selling my giclee prints of my artwork and some of my accessories in the wholesale market.  It’s a great opportunity to showcase my artwork and sell to a larger market.  I hope to be able to continue this as a profitable business. 



 I’m looking forward to selling my giclee prints of my artwork and some of my accessories in the wholesale market.  It’s a great opportunity to showcase my artwork and sell to a larger market.  I hope to be able to continue this as a profitable business.





Q&W: Is it important to forge relationships with shop owners?


Eric:  Absolutely, especially in the beginning.


Q&W: Do you educate your buyers on your product?


Eric:  I do have a bio on the back of my giclee prints.  People love to know about the artwork they are purchasing.  Sometimes they like to meet you at some of the gallery shows and juried shows I attend.


Q&W: Some artists do not sell wholesale because they believe they cannot get fair value for their product. Can you describe benefits to selling wholesale, especially in a struggling economy?  


Eric: It’s so much easier having someone sell my prints and accessories.  I can only do so many shows per year and going door to door takes too much time.  It also has opened so many doors of opportunities to sell my original paintings.


Q&W: Do you have any advice for artisans on weathering a poor economy?


Eric: Be selective in your shows and make sure your product is the best it can be.


Q&W: Do you advertise? What are some effective (& economical) ways to let customers know about you?


Eric: I send out a postcard every year to past clients and businesses on my schedule.


Q&W: Is it important to love what you do?


Eric: Yes!


Q&W:  What do you think American artisans/venders can do to make themselves more marketable/sellable?


Eric:  I’ve heard people say “Is this ‘made in China’” to other vendors at some early shows I did and steered away from doing those types of shows again.  I mostly only do “made in America” original artwork shows.  The higher end shows are the best to do if you want to be taken seriously as an artist.


Product Description

Eric:Original paintings, giclee prints, plaster- cast statues, pillows, hooking portraits of roosters, hens and chicks.


Q&W: Describe how your products are made:  


Eric: All of my artwork is hand made by me.  My original paintings are done in acrylic on canvas.  My giclee prints are made by a local printer.  I make my plaster molded roosters and hand-paint them. 


Q&W Tidbit: The term ”giclee print” refers to an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.


Q&W: Describe how your products are unique from similar items in the market place: 


Eric: My booth consists entirely of one theme FOWL IMAGES.  People who like roosters, love my booth.  If not, they move on.


Ordering Process

Q&W: Describe your ordering process/Ways customers can view and order your merchandise: 


Eric: I have an extensive web page and customers can contact me by phone or email.


Customer Service

Q&W: Describe what constitutes customer service to you and Give examples of how you provide excellent customer service:


Eric: I check my email throughout the day and respond immediately to any requests.  For larger purchases, I have personally delivered paintings to customers.  For repeat customers, I have offered additional items for free or at low cost.  I keep a very positive attitude and appreciate every sale and potential customer.


Q&W: Describe how your company/customer base has grown over the years:


Eric: By doing many weekend juried fine art and craft show throughout the area, people are remembering my booth and my artwork.  Each show brings new opportunities to show at larger and better events and has increased my sales tremendously. 


Q&W: Community and Charity Involvement 

      Eric: Every year, I try to do several charity events by donating artwork in auctions.


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