Valley Forge, 2010, Made Easy- By Barbara Pitt (Heritage Markets Shows)

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Buyers have expressed confusion over the changes in the winter market in Valley Forge.  I am going to outline the shows by dates, in recognizable terms, so you can better understand who is who, and what shows are when.


To Review, in 2009 this was the location of markets and their respective promoters:


There were four (4) venues in Valley Forge in January, 2009.  They were inter-related and ran concurrently with each other.

1.     Heritage Market of American Crafts, produced by Barbara Pitt, at Park Ridge Hotel


2.     Heritage American Cash & Carry Market produced by Barbara Pitt, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel


3.    Market Square Winter produced by Goodrich & Company, owner Robert    Goodrich, was held at the Valley Forge Convention Center


4.    Grass Roots and Buyer’s Cash & Carry Markets produced by Market Square, owner Kathy Goodrich, was held at the Valley Forge Convention Center


An additional promoter was in the area in January 2009, to launch the National Country and Craft Show, at the Philadelphia Expo Center, in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps some of you went out to the Oaks and visited this first time show.  Urban Exposition has renamed that show for 2010, The Market Place.  Urban Expositions also owns the Philadelphia Gift Show which will be held on January 16-19, 2010.  In addition, Urban Expositions manages the Orlando Gift Show, Boston Gift Show, Las Vegas Souvenir Show and other resort and gift shows. In the past, they have had gift show venues in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia. 


Now that you have the cast of characters………here is the line up for winter 2010.


January 20, 21, 22, 2010

Heritage Market of American Crafts (Order Writing Show)

Park Ridge Hotel, Valley Forge, PA
Produced by Barbara Pitt


January 20, 21, 22,  2010

Heritage Market American Cash & Carry Market

Park Ridge Hotel, Valley Forge, PA

Produced by Barbara Pitt


January 21, 22, 23,  2010

Valley Forge Winter Market (formerly Market Square Winter)

Galley of American Craftsmen

Valley Forge Convention Center (main level, mezzanine, Radisson ballrooms)

Produced by Robert Goodrich


Buyer’s Choice Cash & Carry

Valley Forge Convention Center (lower level Valley Forge Convention Center)

Produced by Robert Goodrich


February 6 and 7, 2010

The Grass Roots and Buyer’s Cash & Carry

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Oaks, PA

Produced by Kathy Goodrich, Market Square


February 6-8, 2010

Market Place Order Writing Show (formerly National Country & Craft Show)

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Oaks, PA

Produced by Urban Exposition, owner of Philadelphia Gift Show



Now you have the 2010 line up and the date and place of each venue.  I hope it helps in you decision making process. 


Promoters’ Websites:

Heritage Markets Shows:

Goodrich Promotions:

Market Square:

Urban expositions



 History of the Shows



I often wonder if anyone ever scratches their head and wonders how this marketplace started. Well, the traditional wholesale markets, as we know them, are the result of the collective vision of Barbara Pitt and Robert Goodrich, who are brother and sister. In 1978, we held the 2nd retail country craft show in the United States. Today that show is known as The York Folk Art Show, in York, Pennsylvania. Building on that experience in the retail arena, in 1984, we decided to launch the first wholesale market. Prior to 1984, there wasn’t a wholesale venue for traditional and country exhibitors, except to be represented by market representatives or “reps” at the Atlanta Gift Show.  Goodrich and Pitt’s first show was held at the Aladdin Shrine Complex in Columbus, Ohio.  The second show was held at the old Holiday Inn (now the Crowne Plaza Hotel) in Valley Forge. That was the start of the Valley Forge Markets. Who were the first exhibitors? Michael Bonne Coppersmith, Beaumont Pottery, Making it Country (owned by Sally Queen), The Workshops of David T. Smith, Lt. Moses Willard, Warren Kimble, Michael Camp Furniture, Dixie Rose Bandboxes, Martha Wetherbee Shaker Baskets, Aron Yakim, Claudia Hoff, Ned Foltz Pottery and many, many more. Exhibitors were limited production, but most important, all were traditional American artisans and craftsmen


Barbara developed the wholesale venue under her company, The Heritage Markets. Robert, better known as Bob, continued with the retail shows. In 1990, Robert founded Market Square Traditional Wholesale Market held at the Valley Forge Convention Center. In 1991, Barbara originated the cash & carry markets.  The first cash & carry venues were held on the upper tiers of the Aladdin Shrine Complex and the lower level of the Holiday Inn. On-site sales at the wholesale shows!  What an uproar!!  Look at them now.


Collectively, Bob & I have 46 years invested in the American wholesale marketplace. Our original vision created the platform for the shows as we know them today. For all the ups and downs, twists and turns in the road, we are still here.  Quite a miracle considering that everyone gave the country market a lifespan of approximately 2-3 years, 5 max,  back in 1978.  Join us in 2010, as we continue to bring you the best of traditional Americana, by American craftsmen, starting with the Valley Forge Markets in January.



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